Oil painting by Emi Nakamura. Garden of Owls. Owls, cute owl art.
"Garden of Owls" © Emi Nakamura, 2011.

Owl collection #1

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 9x12 inches

Year created: 2011

Currently unframed


(released for sale January 2012)


What’s not to love about owls?

These beloved birds have become a fashion statement in recent years, and an iconic symbol of wisdom and intellect for many generations. My late grandmother adored owls and her interest in them was contagious. It made me to want to paint an entire collection of them. This painting marks the first of 4 owl paintings that I hope will be a lovely addition to your collection of owls. It features a mother and 3 little owlets that is sure to brighten up a room and make you think positive thoughts!


Oil painting by Emi Nakamura. Honeymoon Phase. Owls, cute owl, whimsical art.
"Honeymoon Phase" © Emi Nakamura, 2012.

Owl collection #2

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 9x12 inches

Year created: 2012

Currently unframed


(released for sale: August 2012)


This painting is the second in my owl collection.

This painting features an "owl couple" perched in a shower tree. These trees are abundant in my city of Honolulu during Spring and Summer. Watching the pink & yellow blossoms of the shower trees fall and be carried in the wind is like the feeling of being in a new, delicate relationship. It’s the phase when you can enjoy seeing the world through rose-colored lenses. But no matter the stages of love, what I hoped to capture here is the celebration of togetherness. Symbolized by the owl––a "power animal" known for being monogamous by forming life-time bonds––as a reminder to always appreciate that special someone, and to show it too! 



Oil painting by Emi Nakamura. Winter owls, owls in tree, whimsical owl art.
"Winter's Home" © Emi Nakamura, 2013.

Owl collection #3

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 9x12 inches

Year created: 2013

Currently unframed


(released for sale: January 2013)


This painting is the third in my owl collection.

This one is dedicated to all the expecting parents and families. It features a young owl family in the Winter snow, bound to face harsh conditions that will test their abilities to work together and grow stronger as a family. No matter what happens, keeping the family close and making home the best place to be is the top priority, regardless of what our own childhood was like. My wish for every family is to commit to each other as much love, care, and understanding as possible, to get through the ups and downs of the seasons all year, every year.

….MORE Whimsical Owls to be created in the future!