Oil painting by Emi Nakamura. Whimsical, sunset, sunlight, hearts, tree on hill, art.
"Warm Hearted" © Emi Nakamura. 2012.


Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 18x24 inches

Year created: 2012

Currently unframed


(released for sale: October 2012)


The freer your mind gets, the more your soul connects.

Whether it’s a place near the ocean, in the mountains, at a park, or at your parents house, there’s somewhere we can go to find comfort. This painting was inspired by one of those places. A place where couples stroll and watch the sunset, children run about and play on the hills, and the smell of barbeque lingers in the air. This place seems to increase the amount of love in everyone who visits. If you can’t visit your special place as often as you’d like, I hope my depiction will help take you there in your mind and connect you to your soul.


This painting was inspired by the romantic sunsets and rolling hills at Kaka'ako Waterfront Park on the island of Oahu, a popular location for wedding and couple photo-shoots.




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