Emi Nakamura grew up in Kaneohe, Hawaii, the lushest and rainiest town on the island of Oahu. Being surrounded by postcard views and culturally blended people, it’s no surprise that her passion for art came at a young age. At just eleven years old she'd already taught herself to draw realistically using instructional books from the library. Years of obsessive experimentation and practice led to her niches in portraiture and landscape painting, and a love for working with oil paints, colored pencil, and charcoal. Although she is primarily self-taught, her study of art includes four years at The University of Hawaii at Manoa where she earned a BA in studio art in 2011.


Since then it was clear that Emi would follow her entrepreneurial spirit to take her art-making to the next level. She resides in Honolulu, Hawaii, where her art can be found at several retail locations as well as an online store. In 2013-2014, reproductions of her artwork have been purchased by many across Hawaii and throughout the US mainland, Japan, Canada, and the United Kingdom, steadily increasing in demand. Interestingly, Honu 'O Ke Kai, an oil painting that was created when she was only a sophomore in high school has become her best-selling work. Emi is currently working on expanding her body of artwork and launching a new venture that will focus on helping young artists pursue their passion as a business.


last updated March 2014  

中村恵美    ハワイ・オアフ島生まれ。地元カネオヘの美しい景色と様々な文化を持つ人々に囲まれながら、幼少の頃より美術への興味を深める。日本・東京からの移民である母と3世代目の日系アメリカ人である父は常に恵美を応援していた。11歳の頃には指南書を用いての独学で忠実な写生をすることを習得。長年の練習を経て風景画や人物画を特に好むようになる。絵を描くことは彼女が得意とする事の一つであり、それは彼女を自由な世界へと導いた。
Japanese translation first published July 2015